Monday, September 3, 2012

The Brain is Like Wi-Fire

The brain stores and pick up things to the memory we do not realize. I have digital television, and I go to sleep leaving it on with no volume or sound. I can still dream the characters without knowing that they are on television while I'm sleeping. When I'm asleep, my eyes are closed or I am sleeping on my stomach not facing the television. When I turn over and wake up, I see the characters on television that I had been dreaming about. The brain is like wi-fi.

See the question that started this co-creation on Twitter: I would like to share this question from  with you:

I believe that everything is not known about the brain. People talk about implanting a computer in the brain. I really do not think that it is necessary. Who wants to communicate from brain to brain? Not me. I like to keep my private thoughts to myself. Computers, antennas, and talking on phones are all around us. It's possible that technology could be affecting our brains. We are loosing our privacy in every way. It's scary. Computers and phones reveal who we are, what we like, and where we live. I'm afraid that man will go too far with his technology. If your mind is controlled by something else, that could be dangerous. Man wants too know to much about you and could also destroy you if he wanted to. Once you let go of your mind, that's it for you. Think about it. Man likes to experiment. He likes to remake what God has already done.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Unanswered Questions

At Ledface, I think there should be a special page for unanswered questions. If your questions are not answered, leave them there. People will have something to do if they do not ask questions. Unanswered questions should be left with Ledface so that people can answer them no matter how long it takes. I have a few questions still not answered. I think it is good for Ledface because it is all about questions. Sometimes there are tough ones. You might find that you can answer your own question after a while. It can be a challenge for intelligence.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Could Ledface Be Used for More Than Questions?

Could Ledface be used for more than questions? After all, Ledface is about sharing knowledge. Some people may not have questions. Some people may have things that they want to share. Ledface could be used for education and photos could be added to the site. Like for an example, a new planet has been discovered. The name of it is Kepler. It is suppose to be earth's twin but bigger than earth. People may want to share their opinions about Kepler and photos of the planet. If you have any questions about Kepler, you can ask Ledface. When I first found out about Kepler, the first question that came to my mind was why are they just finding out about other planets?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ledface Hits 1000 Users

Ledface has just hit 1,000 users in its first week according to
I see Ledface getting filled up with questions. You can ask Ledface anything. If you want to know a better way to eat healthy, Ledface will give you an answer. If you want to know about traveling, Ledface will give you an answer. That is what makes Ledface a great social site. You may not always find your answers through a search engine. If the answer is there, it may be an answer hard to find. Lets say you want to know something about newspapers. You may decide to write a newspaper site and ask a question. The newspaper site may not ever write you back, and you may never receive an answer from the site. Ledface is a great site to try.

The good thing about Ledface, when you are waiting for an answer, someone may see your question and answer it. You might get more than one answer if someone reopens your question to be answered again. Not only that, but while you are waiting, you can answer a question or ask another one. You may see some of the questions also at Ledface on twitter.!/ledface

Thursday, October 20, 2011

When You Need Answers

When you need someone to talk to, Ledface is a good website to stop to. When you need answers, it might take a little while to get your answer, but somebody will answer your question. Suppose you lost a contest, and you knew you were the best. Your question might be, "Why is it sometimes the best is not chosen?" Life seems backwards sometimes, and you may have plenty of questions to ask. You may have the answer to the question. After you, somebody else may have the answer. Stop at today and ask your question. When you need the answers, Ledface will give you an answer. The more people that are willing to participate, the more your question will get answered. If nobody knows the answer, your question may take some time to get answered. When your question is answered, you will receive an email to let you know. However, in case you do not hear from an email, check into Ledface's site.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why Do the Healthiest People Get Sick and Die?

My question for Ledface was why do the healthiest people get sick and die.

Ledface answer: That's a very interesting question. Indeed it happens quite often. I think that the psychological side is very important. The way you face day-to-day problems. Stress releases cortisol and that destroys your immunological system.

I have to agree with Ledface. I think Bruce Lee was one of those real healthy kind of people and his head often bothered him. He had headaches. My mother was another one of those kind of people. She worked hard and never really got sick, but she was a single parent with a lot to bare. 

Tune into Ledface and write what you think. If you think healthy people die for a different reason, write what you think.